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Tap to Zap Space Critters in Doggy Dog Game Shibe!

Shibe! is a space platformer from icannhas that has you guiding a space doge in his quest for the “Epic Wow”.



World’s Hardest Platformer 2 Comes to Android to Test Your Platforming Skills

If you’re a hardcore gamer, having played a gazillion platformers by now, you should be pretty confident at picking apart any challenge that’s thrown at you.

Fluid SE Cover


Pac-Man like Time Trial Racer Fluid SE Lands on Google Play

RadianGames, makers of fantastic shooter games like Ballistic SE and JoyJoy have outed their latest game on Android called Fluid SE.



Gravity Flipping Puzzle Platformer VVVVVV Lands on Android

Terry Cavanagh, maker of the frustratingly good Super Hexagon has ported the popular puzzle platformer VVVVVV to Android.



nanoRPG is Little Bits of Role Playing Fun for your Android

In nanoRPG you play a brave hero who must save a pretty lass who has been kidnapped by an evil dragon.



Feed a Narwhal and Avoid Ice Blocks in the Crazy Cool Game Glacier Rush

In the game you are entrusted with guiding a cute little hungry narwhal (a toothed whale) through the deep blue ocean to his feed whilst avoiding tumbling blocks of ice.

Wonder Wood Cover


Infinite Dreams Celebrates 10 Years of Sky Force with Bigger Bolder Sky Force 2014

Developers Infinite Dreams are celebrating the ten year anniversary of the game with a remake of the original. Simply titled Sky Force 2014…



Smash Your Friends and Opponents in a Jolly Good Game of Joust in Rival Knights

Knights in shining armor: men aspire to be like them and ladies swoon at their brave antics.

Defenders Cover


Hack Your Way in to Cyberspace with the Cool Arcade Game Cybergon

Robot Invader, makers of Wind-up Knight 2 have released a cool arcade game on Google Play called Cybergon.

Flappy Golf Cover


Super Stickman Golf 2 Gets the Flap-Happy Treatment in Noodlecake’s latest, Flappy Golf

Noodlecake Studio’s two day effort, Flappy Golf is a surprisingly good fusion of one of its popular games Super Stickman Golf 2 with the flap mechanics.



Magnetoid; An Endless Runner Powered By Magnetism

Another endless runner, blah blah blah. I won’t go through my spiel this time and just say that Magnetoid by Room 247 Studios is interesting and worth downloading.

Toxic Bunny HD Cover


Toxic Bunny HD; Crazy New Platformer That Is Literally Insane

Basically Toxic Bunny HD is if you took Loony Tunes and combined it with Monty Python. It is insane, a little jarring and definitely unique.



Dragon Quest VIII Comes To Android

Square Enix is consistently popping out mobile ports of their popular franchises. So far we’ve had a few Chaos Rings, a bunch of Final Fantasy and now Dragon Quest VIII.

Die For Metal Again Cover


Headbang Your Way to Hell in Brutally Violent Platformer Die For Metal Again

If you want to play an Android game that features authentic heavy metal music, then you’ve got to look no further than Die for Metal Again.

Turbolab Pursuit Cover


Turbolab Pursuit Brings Running and Shooting In One Package

Bulkypix’s newest game, Turbolab Pursuit, is certainly an interesting one. The idea behind it is you play as a mad scientist who just invented the first car.

UnearthedTrail of Ibn Battuta Cover


Head off on a Middle Eastern Adventure in Semaphore’s Unearthed:Trail of Ibn Battuta

Are you ready for an exciting adventure across the Middle Eastern landscape from the Atlas mountains of Morocco to the alleys of old Damascus and the ports of Alexandria?

Record Run Cover


Run to the Rhythm in Record Run

Record Run has you in an endless runner where music is key.

PaperChase Cover


PaperChase; Endless Flyer With Paper Airplanes

You can probably expect how the gameplay of PaperChase plays. You control a paper airplane and try to fly as long as you can while avoiding obstacles.

JoyJoy Cover


Twin-Stick Shooter JoyJoy Smashes into the Play Store

JoyJoy will bring back the familiar gameplay feel you had with Ballistic SE but there are subtle differences that makes the game unique and hold its own.



More Zombie VS. Human Action With Zombie Diary 2: Evolution

The Zombie Diary series from Mountain Lion is back with Zombie Diary 2: Evolution. In this game the war between zombies and humans continues.

Duck Game Cover


The Crazy Duck Game Comes to OUYA

A whole game centered around ducks? I’ve seen crazier but still Duck Game by Landon Podbielski is pretty unique.

Zombie Road Trip Trials Cover


Drive Cars and Smash Zombies in Noodlecake Studio’s Zombie Road Trip Trials

Killing zombies while driving your weaponized car doesn’t get better than this.

Heroes and Castles Cover


Heroes and Castles Blends 3rd Person Action, Castle Defense and Strategy in One

Your castle gates are being swarmed with the undead, orcs and goblins. The King is on his death bed so it is up to you to save the castle and defend the realm.

Super Pixalo Cover


Super Pixalo Arrives at a Discounted Price to Entertain You On your Ouya Device

Meet Pixalo, the hero of indie developer Phillip Royer’s precision platformer Super Pixalo.

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