Planet Zoom 3D; A Steampunk Platformer Maze Game

Planet Zoom 3D by Redbit Games certainly has an interesting premise. The genre tags include platformer, maze and puzzle all wrapped up in a steampunk package. What this really means is you will be chasing an enemy in various platforming levels that also are inherently mazes.

The story of Planet Zoom 3D is that you play Slimboy whose girlfriend was captured by the Evil Robot. You then chase the Evil Robot in these various cube based levels in your steam tank. The catch here is the Evil Robot is constantly running away from you every time you get close and there are various environmental factors to take into consideration. For instance your own tank can walk on ceilings as well as shoot explosives and anti-gravity bullets. Dangerous features against you include rockets, turrets, mines, fire, explosive barrels and more. Basically you’ll have to traverse these cube mazes while avoiding all sorts of traps and using interesting powerups to make it out of these puzzles alive. Graphics of Planet Zoom 3D are kind of dated but in general the gameplay makes up for it. Check out Planet Zoom 3D on Google Play today.


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