Hazumino; A Puzzling Endless Runner

By this point in my life I have played, reviewed and read probably hundreds of endless runners of all types. Most do not really change anything and are just the same game with different aesthetics and others do attempt to be unique and fun to play. Hazumino by Samurai Punk thankfully falls into the latter category and actually is an endless runner with a different “gimmick” that I’ve never seen before and is very exciting.

The idea behind Hazumino is that it combines endless runner gameplay but with puzzles! What this means is that you sort of have to build a path for your character to run on using block puzzle pieces sort of like Tetris. Of course things get hectic quick and you’ll soon be in a complete frenzy. Theme wise Hazumino is full of vibrant colors that transcends the five different worlds you get to play in and explore. There is also an eclectic cast of characters including wizards and dogs.  An amazing chiptune soundtrack also accompanies gameplay that really ties the whole Hazumino package together. Overall, Hazumino is certainly an interesting endless runner that will be making waves here soon.

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