Overkill Mafia; A Very Stylish Arcade Shooter

With a name like Overkill Mafia you know that this new game by Craneballs Studio is going to be over the top…and it delivers. Overkill Mafia is presented in a black and white (mostly) comics style that is full of action appropriate to the mafia. In Overkill Mafia you play the bad guy as you build your bootlegging empire and ultimately become the Godfather.

Overkill Mafia provides a great and rather realistic setting where you are put in the middle of Chicago at the height of the bootlegging times. To rise in the ranks from street rat to the Godfather you will need to do whatever is necessary. This includes getting in crazy arcade styled shootouts but also bribery, extortion and more. In reality Overkill Mafia tries to hit all the major mafia themes rather than just being a shooter. Of course, the arcade shooting is a big part of the fun and you’ll get to do a lot of it. There are also plenty of timely guns you get to use as well as other weapons like Molotov cocktails and more. Do you think you can rise to the top? Check out Overkill Mafia and find out!

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