Flop Rocket; A Little Endless Runner, A Little Flappy Bird

Butterscotch Shenanigans has made some pretty fun games like Quadropus Rampage and Towelfight, now they try there hand at an endless runner called Flop Rocket. The story is that you are a test pilot for an unfunded space program… So unfunded your rocket is in a deep cave filled with hazards, but at least there is space coins to gather and eventually you may make it to space.

Gameplay wise Flop Rocket is mostly an endless runner. You pilot your craft through the cave dodging stalagmites and tites as well as cave worms and more. Control wise Flop Rocket is super hard. Flappy Bird level hard in fact. Doesn’t control the same way as Flappy Bird but is still super hard. Upgrading your craft through the space coins you horde is the big aspect of Flop Rocket and allows you to eventually make it to space.  Flop Rocket is fun and addictive while being infuriating as well. If you can handle all that then check it out today on Google Play.

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