Space Shooting Arcade Game Kosmik Revenge is Now Available on Ouya

Lovers of classic shoot ‘em ups can now check out Kosmik Revenge on Ouya. The game is set in space and has you navigating to an asteroid belt to collect resources. Unfortunately the roving aliens are not going to simply let you get away with this and so ensues a fast and furious shooting mayhem that has you blasting away at enemy spaceships. If you manage to destroy the asteroids and pick up resources you can upgrade your ship as well as your powerups to strenghten your life, attacks, and defenses.

The game features two game modes, the Classic mode and the Daily Challenge mode. There are 32 levels in the game but it gets increasingly difficult as you progress through each level, so there should be enough hours of gameplay to satisfy you.

The game boasts of full HD graphics that include stunning effects such as motion blur, display post process, and accelerometer 3D parallax. There’s some funky music in there too to keep pace with the shooting antics.

You can go social with your Ouya friends and compete with them for top scores, watch your progression as well as that of your your friends’ in a race to the top spot. If you love to play space shoot ‘em ups on your Ouya, Kosmik Revenge is a game worth checking out.

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