Help a Kid in Need; Download Sidekick Cycle

Who would have thought that you could actually help out a child in need by just downloading and playing a mobile game? Sounds too good to be true but it is real! The game is Sidekick Cycle by Global Gaming Initiative. Sidekick Cycle has been out for a while but in celebration of The Games for Change Festival they put out an update so now they are donating half of all their sales in the game to purchase bikes for children in need around the world (by Minneapolis-based Free Bikes 4 Kidz).

If you haven’t already downloaded Sidekick Cycle or know what it is about it is a simple downhill racer game. The fun is in the insane speed you get, the tricks you can perform and the multitude of levels. Sidekick Cycle gets even crazier and more fun with the addition of sidekicks which have special powers to help you out as well as a large customization system for your bike. This new update for The Games for Change Festival actually doubled the amount of content available for Sidekick Cycle. These additions include two new sidekicks, three female characters, four more bikes, tons of new obstacles and a Facebook leaderboard. Sidekick Cycle is a great game on its own but now that you can actually help out kids in need by downloading it it is certainly worth checking out.

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