Run to Survive! SoldierRun Out Now

In SoldierRun by iCloudZone Games you play a lone soldier trapped in a frozen zone fighting (well running) to survive. In general SoldierRun is rather typical of what you have come to expect with endless runners but it has a unique sense of urgency with survival. SoldierRun also is a pretty well polished game.

Controls are extremely simple with SoldierRun. Tilting your device moves him left and right, sliding your finger left or right turns the soldier left or right and sliding up or down either makes the soldier jump or roll. Of course there are plenty of obstacles in your way…it is a frozen warzone after all. The typical endless runner powerups make their appearances such as coin magnets, sprint and shield. A mission system is also in place to give you more incentives to play. SoldierRun does have tons of fun little costumes you can buy with your coins such as Iron Man, football players, hazmat suits and more. Overall, SoldierRun may look generic but it is still fun and well done all around.

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