Mother of Myth; Action RPG Inspired by Greek & Roman Mythology

In Mother of Myth you get to unleash the epic power of the gods against all who oppose you! All in all, Mother of Myth is a pretty large scale action RPG directly inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. In addition to the large scale ideology Mother of Myth has an interesting gameplay dynamic that will keep you engaged.

This interesting gameplay dynamic is that the battles are all swipe based/controlled. These swipe gestures are easy to learn but can do some powerful things. Story wise you are the chosen hero and you can wield the power of Zeus, Athena, Artemis, and more Gods as you battle other Gods and Titans. The other aspect of Mother of Myth’s gameplay is it is card based as well so you will need to collect plenty of deity cards to help you in your battle. These cards can be enhanced and have special powers equipped on them to make them even more powerful. Your main character can also be upgraded and have items equipped on as well. Rounding out the experience of Mother of Myth is the PvP system where you can fight your Facebook friends and strangers alike. Overall Mother of Myth is full of content and provides some great Action RPG fun.

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