Merlins Adventure; A Good Time With Telekinesis

Are you looking for a new puzzle platformer to try out? If so I would suggest Merlins Adventure from TouchPortal Games. It is a classic puzzle platformer with retro pixelated graphics, a neat story and the twist is you get to use telepathy! Basically the story behind Merlins Adventure is an evil king has put you in jail so you must use your telepathy skills to escape!

There are 12 huge levels split into a bunch of sections/levels that you must go through in order to escape the jail. The puzzles all deal with your special gimmick of the telepathy skills but it makes for some brain scratching puzzles every once in a while. Merlins Adventure has a great retro appeal/theme going on with the graphics, soundtrack and sounds in general. Luckily Merlins Adventure is free although if you want to support the developer you can buy a purchase to get rid of the ads. Overall though, Merlins Adventure looks to be a rather fun game to try out.

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