It’s A Fish Eat Fish World Out There; Mobfish Hunter

The storyline behind Mobfish Hunter by Appxplore is certainly interesting. It is set in the year 2020 after the Earth is completely wrecked with pollution. This pollution has turned the world’s oceans into cesspools and mutated fish have abounded. These fish are called Mobfish and are extremely vicious. In the game Mobfish Hunter you are  trying to take down all the evil ones.

Gameplay is basically a shoot em up type game where you are in your submarine just wildly shooting at anything that moves at you. There are four different locations in Mobfish Hunter and each has different species of mobfish and other hazards. Luckily you have nine types of weapons from spinning lures with razor blades to heat seeking missiles. There are also utilities you can equip on your hunter that give you some special skills allowing you to go deeper, etc. Controls are very well done and gameplay is super addicting and will keep you coming back for more. Overall, Mobfish Hunter is just pure action where you get to blow up evil fish. Sounds fun right?

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