Samurai Santaro Brings History and Action

Not often do games come out that have even a remote reference to history or a higher meaning. Samurai Santaro by Prope is totally different in this aspect as it involves the traditional Japanese mounted archery Yabusame. From there Samurai Santaro is about the fictional but legendary Santaro who is a master archer who was said to be able to shoot the moon as a baby. Already you can see that Samurai Santaro is going to be far fetched and awesome.

Like the art of yabusame in Samurai Santaro you gallop around on horseback attempting to rescue the princess from the evil Onmyoji. Gameplay emulates side scrolling action and you simply tap to shoot arrows and flick to make your horse jump. These controls are simple to learn but you’ll soon find that there is a literal art to being good at it (aiming wise). There are tons of different enemies as well as epic boss battles to deal with. All of these are in pretty great 3D graphics. You also get to travel in a whole host of different locations. Overall, Samurai Santaro is a rather interesting and unique game that is full of fantasy.

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