Rubble N Strafe; New Age Take On Classic

If you load up Rubble N Strafe by J Griffin then you may get some nostalgia flashbacks to a game called Harrier Attack. This is because Rubble N Strafe is inspired by the classic game and plays fairly true to it. Basically, Rubble N Strafe is a fun, retro-esque action packed game where you pilot a helicopter until you blow up.

In Rubble N Strafe it is you, a helicopter, against endless enemy troops. You get to use heavy weaponry such as machine guns, bombs, and rockets. Interestingly enough, in Rubble N Strafe you have to worry about actually crashing into various things, running out of gas and of course being hit with enemy fire. Also worth mentioning is that levels in Rubble N Strafe are randomly generated so every game is new. This really extends the replay value. As of now Rubble N Strafe is a fun game but it is still getting updated so it could get even better! So check it out on Google Play.

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