Can You Balance a Unicycle on a Tightrope? Find Out with Bamba

I always feel like I’ve seen the most ridiculous game until I see one that tops it. The top of my weird mobile game list now has to go to Bamba by Simon Durcroquet. The whole point of Bamba is surprisingly simple…but still weird. You control a unicyclist as he rides across various tightrope situations.

Bamba features simple one touch controls where you simply tap the screen to change the direction of the cyclist. Levels all feature interesting variants of tightrope situations. Examples include spiraling ropes, stair stepped ropes, barrels and more. The hard part of Bamba comes in the form of the physics that is attached to everything. In a way it is a bit of a puzzle game and a skill based experience. Level wise Bamba has 5 worlds with 25 interesting levels. You can get Bamba for a limited time price of $0.99 and get in on the weirdness now!

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