Me Too… Aliens Drive Me Crazy Comes to Android

Well isn’t that a saying you don’t hear often. “Aliens Drive Me Crazy”. It also raises so many questions such as what are the aliens doing to drive you crazy. Why are their aliens in general? Whatever your questions, the game Aliens Drive Me Crazy by Rebel Twins is here to keep you entertained.

The story behind Aliens Drive Me Crazy is actually one that is quite sinister. Alien ships have entered the Earth’s atmosphere with no warning and have disrupted all satellite communications. This has put the world into turmoil and it is falling apart. You play a survivor who jumps into his car to try and take on the aliens himself! Aliens Drive Me Crazy is an extremely fun game, though. Mainly because you can literally smash everything! You drive your car in various 2D stages but you get to drive them through houses and more while blowing things up and dodging enemy alien attacks. Your character can be customized as well as your cars and there are tons of special weapons you can unlock. Overall, Aliens Drive Me Crazy is a crazy game that you should check out.

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