Warner Bros At It Again With New Edge of Tomorrow Game

Warner Bros. International Enterprises has put out a lot of mobile games over the years and most are games based on current movies at the time in an effort to capitalize on that buzz. We’ve seen mobile video games based on the Lego Movie, 300, Gravity and Godzilla. Now you can add Edge of Tomorrow to that ever growing movie/video game crossover with the aptly titled game, Edge of Tomorrow Game.

Haven’t heard of the Edge of Tomorrow movie? Well, it is a new sci-fi action movie starring Tom Cruise in which aliens have invaded Earth. Sounds simple and boring right? Well, the big twist is that Tom Cruise’s character is deployed to attack the enemy aliens but dies. He then awakes in a Groundhog’s Day situation and fights them again and again and again. Learning more and more each time. The tagline for the movie is Live. Die. Repeat. You can see the point. So what does the Edge of Tomorrow Game consist of? Basically it is a generic shooter where you attack aliens on screen although you just have to pass your target over them to shoot them as your bullets autofire. From there the game kills you/you die and you repeat the action. Fairly repetitive but it does have some good action sequences I suppose. Can check out Edge of Tomorrow Game on Google Play now.

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