Lot of Words, Lot of Play; Retro Shooter Gem Gem Munchies

With a name like Retro Shooter Gem Gem Munchies, you know the game is going to be jammed pack with action. This is pretty much the case with Retro Shooter Gem Gem Munchies by mauigo. If you break down the title you get pretty much what the game is about. It has a retro style where you simply move left/right and shot and you shoot them to make them drop gems (which you eat?).

Either way Retro Shooter Gem Gem Munchies is classic fun. It is extremely easy to pick up and play with the learn time being nonexistent. It features retro graphics inspired by NES and SNES games. While there isn’t too much to Retro Shooter Gem Gem Munchies it does feature addicting gameplay and there are powerups that make the game a little more interesting. Overall if you like retro games or just simple vertical shooters in general then give Retro Shooter Gem Gem Munchies a shot. It is free on Google Play.

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