Glorious Maximus; Will You Rise to the Top In Brawler?

Sneaky Games just published their latest game Glorious Maximus which puts you smack dab in the middle of Ancient Rome as you aim for the highest rank. In Glorious Maximus you get to recruit powerful champions to crush your enemies. You then get to upgrade them and outfit with them with the best of equipment to really defeat all who stand in your way.

Everything about Glorious Maximus is fairly easy to learn and figure out but it still has a decent amount of depth behind it all. The touch controls are very responsive and easy to use. Tap to attack your enemies, hold to block, swipe to use special combos. Battles are quick and makes Glorious Maximus a perfect game to play on the go or in the can. Battling is only half of it as there is a big secondary game with upgrading and buying enhanced equipment for your guys. In total there are 30 levels to Glorious Maximus as you traverse the vibrant map of Rome. In fact, graphically Glorious Maximus is full of vibrant colors that make this a nice game to play for the eyes. Overall, Glorious Maximus is full of action and looks to be a fun game.

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