news · 2 days ago

Why You Should Choose Online Gaming Platforms?

One of the most popular segments in the online entertainment industry is the notion of using online gaming platforms as the major source for exploring the abundance of online gaming opportunities.

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    Best Casino Games for Airplane Mode on Your Tablet or Phone

    Long flights are the bane of people who can’t deal with boredom, which is more frightening than the idea of the flight itself.

      news · 2 days ago

      Does mobile make online gambling more fun?

      Are you interested in playing games at a mobile online casino but aren’t sure if it will be better than gambling at a regular online casino?

        news · 2 days ago

        Play on the Go at Casumo

        Gambling in India is a popular pastime and with mobile devices, players will have the ability to play at any time.

          news · 2 weeks ago

          How gaming has evolved through smartphones

          There is no doubt that the mobile gaming industry is booming, and its evolution has been fairly remarkable, with it now holding the lion share of the gaming market and having far surpassed traditional methods.

            news · 3 weeks ago

            Best Racing Android Games to Play On PC

            We are not kidding you when we say that there are so many fantastic racing games available on Android.

              news · 3 weeks ago

              Top Free Android Games for Spring 2021

              Android is one of the most influential ecosystems in the world today, powering 85% of the world’s smartphones.

                news · 3 weeks ago

                Ways to Game That You Might be Unfamiliar With

                Gaming has become an absolute titan in the modern entertainment industry, with its popularity rivaling that of other mediums such as movies and music, despite the skepticism of those unfamiliar with the medium.

                  news · 4 weeks ago

                  6 Classic Games That Are Worth Your Time

                  Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher, and other modern games have thousands of lovers worldwide.

                    news · 1 month ago

                    Best Sports Games Coming Out This Year

                    If sports games are your thing, read on to find out which ones are coming out in 2021

                      news · 1 month ago

                      Top 7 Android Quest Games

                      Today, everything is on the phone. Your device allows you to chat with friends, watch movies, 22Bet login to try your luck and read books.

                        news · 2 months ago

                        Games Based on the Legendary Star Wars Universe

                        In this article, we will tell you about the themed games that are available on Android.

                          news · 3 months ago

                          Most Addictive Mobile Games

                          Mobile games can become rather addictive and below we look at some of the most popular and addictive games of all time that we have seem on smartphones.

                            news · 3 months ago

                            Top Interior Design Games on Android

                            Android phones are great in that they allow users to do almost anything on their mobile devices.

                              news · 3 months ago

                              Top 2 Android Tablets for Drawing

                              We love Android tablets because you can easily customize them.

                                news · 3 months ago

                                The Best Android Apps in 2021

                                Android has thousands of apps that you can make use of. Finding the best apps is not easy at all which is why we are going to list the best apps for you.

                                  news · 3 months ago

                                  Android Apps That Will Save You Money

                                  Saving money can be a huge challenge. There are some apps that can help you save money, apps are not there just to drain your money.

                                    news · 3 months ago

                                    How App Marketplaces Changed Gaming

                                    Back in 2008, both Apple and Google released their own versions of an app marketplace through the App Store and the Android Market, with both forever changing the gaming landscape into the future.

                                      news · 5 months ago

                                      Can eSports Help Drive Downloads of Android Games?

                                      Over the past couple of decades, eSports have moved closer and closer into the mainstream. We are seeing more people tune in and watch events, sell-out crowds in attendance inside arenas that are hosting games and a general push towards more people being involved.

                                        news · 6 months ago

                                        Getting Started With Online Poker For Android

                                        Mobile poker is on the rise, with a growing number of gamers turning to their Android devices for the accessibility it offers.

                                          news · 6 months ago

                                          Slots: Latest News from the Leading Developers

                                          The global online gambling market remains one of the most lucrative around, with revenues continuing to rise at a rapid rate.

                                            news · 7 months ago

                                            Advantages of Using an Android

                                            Despite the fact that Apple leads in terms of technology as well as reputation, Android has gained a lot of attention.

                                              news · 7 months ago

                                              Best Android Phones to Buy in 2020

                                              If you are looking to buy an Android phone and you are wondering which one to buy, you are at the right place.

                                                news · 7 months ago

                                                Android 10 Version: All you need to know

                                                Android has been producing some amazing features throughout the years.

                                                  news · 7 months ago

                                                  Key Apps for Android Users

                                                  Every Android user will admit that essential apps are necessary to get the most out of your android device.

                                                    news · 7 months ago

                                                    Android Versions Guide: Everything you need to Know

                                                    The Android Operating System was introduced in February 2009.

                                                      news · 7 months ago

                                                      How Mobile Games Have Changed Gaming Forever

                                                      Video games have been around since the 1970s, though they didn’t become mainstream until the following decade. From the first games consoles and home computers up until the late 2000s, video games all worked in a similar way. They were mostly marketed using the same techniques, and were distributed through the same channels. Then, after […]

                                                        news · 7 months ago

                                                        The Popular and Less Obvious Ways to Earn Crypto

                                                        Since the dawn of bitcoin, virtual money and blockchain-based solutions in various forms have been keeping us excited.

                                                          news · 7 months ago

                                                          Classic PC Games Still Being Played Years After their Release

                                                          While there are always new titles on the horizon for PC players, sometimes a trip down memory lane is the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

                                                            news · 7 months ago

                                                            Amazing Android Apps you can Download Right Now

                                                            We are in the golden age of mobile technology, that much is a certainty. When you consider the powerful computers we have at our fingertips, it is simply astounding.

                                                              news · 7 months ago

                                                              Six Home Poker Tables To Consider Buying

                                                              For all the poker lovers out there who enjoy the regular poker gathering playing with family and friends, you might be considering purchasing your own poker table sooner or later.

                                                                news · 8 months ago

                                                                Best New Microgaming Slots for Android 2020

                                                                Microgaming is one of the most productive online casino software developing companies, releasing several new products each month. Find out what Android games have been released recently for online gamblers!

                                                                  news · 9 months ago

                                                                  Pass the time on your daily commute with these Android apps and games

                                                                  Nothing interesting in the paper this morning? Still trying to get through that Romantic Pirate-Adventure novel your Auntie got you for Christmas?

                                                                    news · 9 months ago

                                                                    How Mobile Gaming Has Rocketed During Lockdown

                                                                    For many of us, habits have drastically changed during lockdown. We’re finding new business opportunities, new exercise regimes, new hobbies and for many of us, more time than ever before. In the case of the latter two, that’s led to an explosion in mobile gaming. Despite its already meteoric rise, mobile gaming has risen to […]

                                                                      news · 9 months ago

                                                                      Android Technology Pushing the Betting Industry Forward

                                                                      We have seen a huge change in the way the betting industry works over the past couple of decades.

                                                                        news · 9 months ago

                                                                        Best Android-friendly casino games for Canadian players released (so far) in 2020

                                                                        2020 has seen a slew of innovative and engaging new releases in the slot world for online casino players in Canada to try.

                                                                          news · 9 months ago

                                                                          Classic Games on Android: Not All People Playing Games are Gamers

                                                                          When you mention video games, most people envision either a young kid playing on a console, an IT guy in his thirties with an insane gaming rig, or a Korean e-gaming pro clocking in over 300 actions per minute. Well, the real truths of the matter is that a huge chunk of the gaming community […]

                                                                            news · 10 months ago

                                                                            Around the World in 5 Android Games

                                                                            The beauty of online gaming these days is that there are so many options. There are racing games, puzzles, roleplay, action, adventure and many more.

                                                                              news · 10 months ago

                                                                              Best Android-Friendly Casino Apps

                                                                              Over the past few years, a lot of people have migrated to mobile gaming. This is because it is convenient as it allows you to play games from anywhere, at any given time.

                                                                                news · 10 months ago

                                                                                iPhone Flaws

                                                                                The iPhone is one of the greatest phones of all time, we won’t even start to argue with that fact.

                                                                                  news · 10 months ago

                                                                                  All the Reasons You Should Choose Android Over iPhone

                                                                                  Since both iOS and Android became known to society, there has been a debate about which one is better and why.

                                                                                    news · 11 months ago

                                                                                    Why you should consider a VPN for android

                                                                                    VPN stands for virtual private network, providing a secure internet connection through the use of private servers from a wide variety of different remote locations.

                                                                                      news · 11 months ago

                                                                                      How Android Has Become the Platform of Lotteries

                                                                                      Google has a strict policy against gambling apps, stating that no application can allow users to wager money.

                                                                                        news · 11 months ago

                                                                                        How to Make the Most of Casino Apps on Android

                                                                                        If you’re a fan of online casinos and sportsbooks, you may have realized your favorite online gambling venues are not on Google’s Play Store.

                                                                                          news · 12 months ago

                                                                                          Randomness and Payouts in Slot Machines

                                                                                          All casino slots have their specific payout ratio or, as it is also called, the percentage of return, which is about 93-98%.

                                                                                            news · 12 months ago

                                                                                            Boom Bucks – Best Online Slot with Bonus Rounds

                                                                                            The world of modern online casinos offers the player a variety of opportunities not only to try your luck but also to have fun by playing any free slot games with bonus rounds no download no registration.

                                                                                              news · 1 year ago

                                                                                              Newest Android Casino Games Apps

                                                                                              No wonder online casino games are becoming one of the top entertainment forms nowadays.

                                                                                                news · 1 year ago

                                                                                                Revolutionising society with these devices

                                                                                                The technological world has expanded to such a degree that almost anything is possible.

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