Mini Battles in Mini Warriors; Loads of Action

How can you make war cute or at least seem cute? The answer is simple; make everything super tiny! This is exactly what Triniti Entertainment has done with their newest game, Mini Warriors. What you get with Mini Warriors is full on battles involving hundreds of units in large scale strategy/RPG environments.

In Mini Warriors you get to essentially train a large force of these cute, cuddly and dangerous warriors. Your army can even reach close to 1000 units on the field! Specifically there are over 50 different types of heroes to command and form your army with. These include typical Medieval style archers, swordsmen, cavalry, etc. Mini Warriors also has a very deep upgrade/skills section where you can upgrade all your heroes abilities with over 10 different skills. Level wise there are 200+ battles you can engage in with your epic armies. Not only are these battles thrilling when you’re playing singleplayer but there is also multiplayer! Imagine the awesome battles you’ll get into. Overall, Mini Warriors is not “mini” in any way.

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