Run with Your Favorite Cartoon in Pororo Penguin Run

It is always interesting and fun when famous cartoons or other forms of media make crossover video games. I specifically mention cartoons because it happens more often with them. Such is the case with new game Pororo Penguin Run by Mocoga. As the title says, Pororo Penguin Run is an endless runner themed after the popular cartoon Pororo the Little Penguin.

Pororo Penguin Run

If you haven’t heard of Pororo the Little Penguin before it is an award winning cartoon series from South Korea that is now enjoyed worldwide. While it is based on the cartoon Pororo Penguin Run still makes for a great endless running experience. You get to control all the major and favorite characters from the cartoon series as you run around all over. Level designs have you in ice villages, snow castles and busy streets. Controls for Pororo Penguin Run are simple as they are touch and tilt. As with other endless runners, Pororo Penguin Run has different powerups you can use to help you such as coin magnets and speed boosts. Like the cartoon it is based off of, Pororo Penguin Run has cute and colorful graphics that make this game just a pleasure to play.

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