Days of Crime Gives You PvP Ganster Action

There are plenty of social games out there that allow you to rise to to the top of the mafia world. Zynga’s Mafia Wars is the first that comes to mind. However, a lot are more strategic and are lacking real action. Days of Crime by Happylatte is the opposite of those types of mafia games and gives you straight PvP action with plenty of guns.

Starting out in Days of Crime you get to choose your gang affiliation of which each has different perks. From there you can go straight into head to head gun fights against real players in the effort to gain XP and cash. You can of course use the cash to buy all sorts of guns to further wreck havoc on your enemies. In total there are 16 types of guns with more being updated. You can also buy various one time use items to give you the upper hand as well and permanent boosts if you want. The PvP action is the big ticket item in Days of Crime though. Great first person shooter combat, interesting dynamics like hit lists and a chat system. There is plenty to do in Days of Crime and plenty of action to be had.

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