Kitten Challenge Provides A Wild Ride

In Kitten Challenge by nikr3n you play as Ginger Cat as he travels the world doing crazy stunts on his railroad cart! Kitten Challenge is a fun arcade game experience with ever expanding levels. In fact there is a built in level editor so you can build your own levels or play others as much as you’d like.

Gameplay of Kitten Challenge has you riding on a cart traveling in linear lines with no real control over your speed. You then can jump out and control your cart a little bit to collect coins and stars. In a way it is an action game with loose puzzle tendencies. There are deadly traps and other hazards you will learn to avoid as well. There are tons of levels and each level pack aka realm has different unlockable cats you can collect.  Again, a big experience for Kitten Challenge is the built in level editor which makes it so you really have unlimited levels to play. Check out Kitten Challenge now on Google Play!

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