Bleeding Edge; Ninja Action Game Full of Gore

With a title like Bleeding Edge you know there is going to be some blood and guts in the game. Luckily with Spielhaus’ latest game, Bleeding Edge, everything is retro pixelated so don’t go writing to your local congressman. However, Bleeding Edge is still full of action as it has you controlling a single ninja against a horde of other ninjas! This game is ninja-tastic.

The idea behind Bleeding Edge is extremely simple but ,as I always say, it is that simplicity that makes it addicting. Basically you run around slashing enemy ninjas with your samurai sword. Other ninjas will try to attack you with their swords or even by throwing ninja stars and such. That is all there is to Bleeding Edge. This, though, makes Bleeding Edge a perfect high score game to see if you can beat your friends on the leaderboards. The gameplay also makes for quick games you can play while on the train or in the bathroom. Overall, Bleeding Edge doesn’t offer too much but what it does offer is pure addicting fun.

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