Instantion; Puzzles With Clones

Most puzzle games that I play only focus on one or so “gimmicks” in their game. For instance, clones or telekinesis powers, etc. Instantion by Finjitzu Software, however, manages to bring a ton of different puzzle elements into one extremely fun looking game. So in Instantion you’ll be making/controlling clones, sling-shot aiming, gravity forces and more.

Right off the bat Instantion looks visually interesting. It has a 2D/3D mixture of graphics all in an interesting Tron inspired theme. The puzzle level design is mostly dungeon style and will really push your wits to the test. The main aspect of Instantion’s puzzles is in the clones. You first shoot seeds out which are affected by gravity and physics. These seeds turn into clones which you can then control to complete the levels. In addition to the cloning mechanism there are teleportation devices, modifications, gravity forces, etc. that make the puzzles more interesting. There are tons of levels to play and Instantion provides hours of gameplay.

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