Mega Dead Pixel; An Endless Faller

Forget the horde of endless runner mobile games out there as Mega Dead Pixel by Chillingo brings us an endless faller! As I’m sure you could guess and endless faller is where your character is constantly falling and you control left and right to avoid the various obstacles.

Mega Dead Pixel is honestly a treat to play. It is free and just full of nonstop falling action filled with retro graphics and bright colors. Gameplay is simple as you just steer yourself left and right to avoid other pixels and other retro obstacles. Mega Dead Pixel follows all the other typical features an endless runner usually has such as coin collection, upgrades (both aesthetic and functional), etc. There are a host of missions (over 100) to satisfy your cravings as well as hundreds of unlockables. In general, Mega Dead Pixel plays like your familiar favorite endless runner but the direction is different. Give it a shot today!

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