Hopeless: Space Shooting Takes its Funky Retro Action to an Abandoned Planet

Upopa Games’ last release Hopeless: The Dark Cave was a delightful shooter where you had gun toting blobs who were terrified of the darkness trying to protect themselves against monsters.

The developers have now brought out the next installment in the Hopeless series and this time the blobs have landed on an abandoned planet where they take on alien monsters. You will still be shooting at the monsters with as much precision as possible and doing your best to avoid getting fried up, but this time you have lasers and shotguns you make your task more enjoyable.

There’s a new multi touch fire system now that lets you shoot multiple weapons at once. A much needed feature since you’ll be taking on some pretty nasty alien monsters this time around.

Hopeless: Space Shooting comes with two full game modes but unlike the previous release this one will cost you just under a dollar to play. There are also unlockables that can be eventually picked up with repeated play, but for the impatient ones, the upgrades are just an IAP click away.

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