Star Wars Inspired Shoot ‘em Up LEGO Star Wars Microfighters is Now on Android

LEGO games are never short on entertainment. Their latest game Star Wars Microfighters hopes to continue that trend by bringing some top down shooting action in Star wars themed events.

You take control of Star Wars ships such as TIE fighters, Droid ATTs, X-wings, and the Millennium Falcon and thunder across the world of Endor, Geonosis, Hoth and Yavin battling 35 different types of enemies and eight big bosses.

In typical LEGO style, you will be collecting studs that will let you purchase new equipment, weapons, as well as upgrades for your Microfighter. And for a bit of variety, you can also play on the light side with the Rebellion or go for the dark side and play as the Empire.

LEGO Star Wars Microfighters isn’t a free game though. You’ll have to spend just under a dollar to give it a go, and keep in mind that it uses high memory, so you’ll most likely have to close background apps or restart the device if you have performance issues.

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