Impressive Racer INDY 500 Arcade Racing Smashes on to Google Play

This time around, they have focused their efforts on a different genre, racing, and the fruits of their efforts can be seen in their newest launch, INDY 500 Arcade Racing.


Crescent Moon Games Brings God SIM Topia World Builder to Android

Crescent Moon Games, makers of Mines of Mars, have just released their world building SIM on Android that lets you do just that: create and destroy the universe as you see fit.


Hack ‘n’ Slash RPG The Witcher Slated to Land on Android this Winter

The Witcher Battle Arena is the name of the game and it’s a fast paced MOBA game that is set in the Witcher universe.

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    news · 2 weeks ago

    Australian Online Pokies Mobile

    Since Microgaming introduced the first exclusive casino applications in 2004, mobile pokies have become so popular now.

      news · 4 weeks ago

      Must-Have Features for a Mobile Casino

      Online gambling has rampantly become a preferable option for many casino players.

        news · 4 weeks ago

        Safest Payment Methods for USA Online Casinos

        When choosing a new online casino in the United States, be sure to look into the accepted payment options.

          news · 4 weeks ago

          Why Android is better for Online Casino Gambling?

          Many people have switched from gambling at land-based casinos to gambling on their mobile phones due to the growing popularity of online slots.

            news · 1 month ago

            Online Casino Frauds, and How to Avoid Them

            The online casino games on the Internet are very popular nowadays, and quite a few players assume fraud.

              news · 1 month ago

              How to Win Real Money in an Online Casino

              A contemporary online casino’s armament includes a large number of roulette tables, card tables, and slot machines.

                news · 2 months ago

                Online Casinos and Operating Systems – Why is Android Great for Them?

                Have you also tried playing in an online casino on your mobile phone? In case you are an owner of an Android operating system on your phone, you have some advantages to the Windows users for example.

                  news · 2 months ago

                  Compulsive Gambling Treatment

                  Compulsive gambling is a disorder that renders a person helpless in terms of controlling their gambling activities. Its side effects are usually hard on the person and may include but are not limited to depression, failed relationships with loved ones, and even bankruptcy. What are the Signs of Compulsive Gambling? Not every gambler has a […]

                    news · 3 months ago

                    Playing Blackjack Using Your Android Mobile Device

                    Blackjack has long been one of the most popular gambling games. Why is this? Here’s a few possible reasons: The popularity of books such as “Bringing Down the House: How Six Students Took Vegas for Millions (2004)” by Ben Mezrich, and its 2008 film adaptation 21, featuring Kevin Spacey. Unlike almost every other casino game, […]

                      news · 3 months ago

                      Is the vaping experience better than joints?

                      Over the past few years, the cannabis industry has advanced significantly. The negative stigma that was once attached to cannabis is now fading away and using this herb is no longer taboo in our society. A large part of this de-stigmatization can be attributed to the introduction of medical marijuana into society and people are […]

                        news · 4 months ago

                        Anyone banned on one social media platform should be banned on all of them

                        On July 16, 2021, Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary (the official public voice of the Biden-Harris Administration), said that if anybody is banned from one social media platform, they should be banned from all social media platforms.

                          news · 4 months ago

                          Can you really win money playing online casino games?

                          The main reason people pick new casino sites to play popular casino games is so they can have fun in a secure environment.

                            news · 4 months ago

                            Best Casino Games for Android in 2021

                            The casino industry has been in the spotlight for being one of the most popular entertainment industries over the past couple of years, especially with online digitalization.

                              news · 4 months ago

                              6 Android Games Students Find Most Exciting

                              With the development of technology, education has come to the attention of game developers.

                                news · 5 months ago

                                Great Tips For New Smartphone Owners

                                Having a smartphone is pretty much a must these days if you want to keep up with the rest.

                                  news · 5 months ago

                                  Android vs iOS – Which is Better for Gaming?

                                  Are iOS or Android phones better for mobile gaming? We took a closer look at the debate and some of the outcomes of it here.

                                    news · 5 months ago

                                    Mobile Casinos overview by

                                    With technological advancement, casinos were innovatively made available through computers and laptops.

                                      news · 5 months ago

                                      Games in the Clouds. What Is a Cloud Service and How Does It Make Gamers’ Dreams Come True

                                      Today, for games, a significant part of humanity uses PCs, consoles, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, so developers annually delight with supernovae, including those that turn the industry upside down.

                                        news · 6 months ago

                                        Best accessories for Android gamers

                                        Mobile gaming has accelerated and become one of the most popular activities in recent times, especially over the last year or so when people have been drawn towards it during the pandemic.

                                          news · 6 months ago

                                          How to Get More Enjoyment Out of Video Games

                                          Being a gamer is quite popular nowadays. Even older adults find enjoyment in video games. Besides, we have an ongoing pandemic that forces us to remain indoors. And killing a few hours playing video games can be a lot of fun. At the same time, for someone new to this hobby, it might be difficult […]

                                            news · 6 months ago

                                            Why do People who enjoy Betting Love Android Devices?

                                            Betting has been a popular pastime enjoyed by people all around the globe for thousands of years.

                                              news · 7 months ago

                                              Best Android apps using location services

                                              Location services that can be found and used on Android installed apps can be rather effective in helping users to do a variety of different things.

                                                news · 7 months ago

                                                Introducing 2021’s Best Android Casinos in Portugal

                                                The relevance of the Android operating system has grown considerably in recent years.

                                                  news · 7 months ago

                                                  Why You Should Choose Online Gaming Platforms?

                                                  One of the most popular segments in the online entertainment industry is the notion of using online gaming platforms as the major source for exploring the abundance of online gaming opportunities.

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