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Creative Rip-offs or Shamefully Reused: Classic Games Adapted for Android

Gaming has constantly been evolving since the days of the Atari and Magnavox Odyssey. Nintendo and SEGA certainly upped the ante in the early eighties and nineties with their super hit franchises Super Mario Bros. and Sonic CD.

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    Brothers in Arms: Co-Op Games on Android

    Although my earliest recollections of games involve Commodore 64s and DOS classics like Alley Cat and Paratrooper, I remember really being swept up by them when my brother and I got our first console: an 8-bit SNES knockoff that we played everything from Excite Bike to Duck Hunt to Super Mario on.

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    Death by Microtransaction: In-App Purchases and the Future of Mobile Gaming

    Whether you’re into endless runners, dungeon crawlers or street racers on your mobile device, you’ve most certainly encountered an in-app-purchase or several by now. And for what?

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