Blazin’ Aces Gives You The Enjoyment of Dogfighting

One of the coolest video game ideas is the aspect of dogfighting. There is just something about flying around and playing chicken with other airplanes. Ever since Star Fox 64 and even beyond, video games have been trying to encapsulate the thrill. Now the sub-genre is moving to mobile devices to a mixed batch. Blazin’ Aces by Net Media Publishers is the latest mobile dogfighting game to be put out and it does a decent job at it.

As you can expect, Blazin’ Aces is all about dogfighting. Further more it is done in a retro arcade style, so suspend hope for super realism for a bit. You step into the cockpit of a plane back in the golden age of aviation as you attempt to take down your enemies. Controls are super simple but hard to master. This makes for some quick games but ones that are filled with the thrill of flying and just generally being super fun. I will say that in general Blazin’ Aces is fairly bare bones as it really is just you dogfighting other planes in various landscapes. Blazin’ Aces also costs $0.99, so you will have to weigh that in your decision if you want to download it or not.

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