Is the vaping experience better than joints?

Over the past few years, the cannabis industry has advanced significantly. The negative stigma that was once attached to cannabis is now fading away and using this herb is no longer taboo in our society. A large part of this de-stigmatization can be attributed to the introduction of medical marijuana into society and people are now starting to recognize the many health benefits that come from using marijuana substances. Technology has also evolved and now there are healthier options to smoke such as dry herb vaporizers, which are fast becoming a go-to device for smokers. Dab pens and wax pens are two different types of vaporizers that you should know about since they are very popular among cannabis users and you can find them both in online head shops such as Grasscity. Dab pens are used for concentrate or oil, and wax pens usually heat oils, concentrates, or dry herbs into vapour. There are many types of vaporizers available and when searching for one you should look at portability, the battery, chamber size, and how easy it is to use. Many people are still curious to know how truly unique of an experience vaporizers offer compared to traditional smoking and this article will explore just that.


One great thing about dry herb vaporizers is that they are portable. Portability and convenience is a very important part of the vaping experience because portability means you can bring your vaporizer with you anywhere and smoke at any location. Dry herb vaporizers are generally small and can be easily concealed. On top of that, it produces less smoke and no smell which adds to its convenience factor. Compare this to a joint which attracts a lot of attention because of the potent smell and large amount of smoke that it produces. You cannot smoke a joint anywhere, you have to be more discreet but with a dry herb vaporizer, you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere, whether you are inside or outside.

Vapor, flavour consistency

One thing about joints is that they vary in intensity depending on the cannabis that you use to roll the joint. And speaking about rolling, not everyone is capable of rolling a good joint. Dry herb vaporizers on the other hand are more consistent with the flavour and that consistency is what you want to be on the lookout for. When you vape, more terpenes are activated which results in a more flavourful experience. Vaping also gives you the option to adjust your temperature which also adds to the flavour and aroma. When you smoke with a joint, the terpenes are destroyed during combustion because they are sensitive to heat so for a better and more flavourful experience, try vaping.

Never run out

With a dry herb vaporizer, all you need is battery power and you’re good to go, however with a joint, you need rolling paper and a filter and you can easily find yourself in a situation where you have run out of rolling paper. With this in mind, it is easy to conclude that vaping is better than smoking because you need much fewer accessories and it is far less admin. All you have to remember to do is charge your dry herb vaporizer.


It is no secret that vaping is healthier than smoking. When you smoke a joint, the combustion releases tar which is bad for your lungs and can induce lung cancer and upper airway cancer. With vaporizers, on the other hand, a different heating method is used which makes it much less harmful than smoking the traditional way. It is recommended that people who want to quit smoking, try vaping instead.

More potent

Finally, we are going to discuss how dry herb vaporizers are more potent than smoking joints. When you smoke, you lose 15-20% of the potency of the herb, however, when you vape, the temperature is much lower and more specific which uses the compounds to their fullest potential and makes the vapour more potent and pure. You will also find vaporizers that allow you to use THC extract which is stronger and more concentrated.

It is safe to conclude that using dry herb vaporizers is much better than smoking. It is convenient and portable, allowing you to be discreet and smoke anywhere you want, there is also more flavour when you vape and the flavour is more consistent. There is also no unnecessary admin involved with vaping, all you need is a full battery and finally, it is healthier.

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