Mobile Casinos – The Pros & Cons

There are hundreds of articles online about how mobile casinos are the best thing since sliced bread, or at the very least, the best thing since, well, desktop casinos. Like most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to playing casino games on your mobile. Curiously, depending on one’s perspective, the advantages for some, could be a disadvantage (of sorts) for others.

Before jumping in, here is our ‘perspective’ on the pros and cons of gaming on the go.


Read any mobile casino review or content related to this topic, and this buzzword jumps out at you. We can’t argue with the fact that using a mobile casino (or app) compared with a desktop gives players more freedom, so for sure, they are more convenient. However, this ‘play anywhere, anytime’ mantra is somewhat OTT.

Let’s be honest, the vast majority of us aren’t going to hit the poker tables in the middle of a business meeting, and your wife won’t be too happy if you go out for a meal and you’re more interested in how much you win for matching three limo symbols on Mega Fortune. Quite naturally, there’s a time and a place, which ironically enough is usually at home – next to your laptop.

On a more serious note, the convenience of having a casino in the palm of your hand can increase the time and money spent on gambling for some. Grabbing a quick game of roulette while on your lunch break or playing on the commute home from work are possible times of ‘unnecessary’ gambling, for instance. It’s just something to be aware of, so you can ensure you stay in control.


The trend in players switching to mobile casinos has been steadily gathering pace for several years now. Noticing this change in behaviour, software developers began creating games with a ‘mobile-first’ approach. Therefore, every game that is released today is compatible with tablets and phones. Also, many older games have been remastered so that they can be played on portable devices. Having checked out the top-notch roulette websites, you may have a taste for some action.

There are still a few gaps, however. For example, Microgaming developed a plethora of video poker games in the early 2000s, and most of these aren’t compatible. The bottom line is desktop casinos host more games and potentially a greater variety. While the difference is minimal these days, it’s still something to consider because each player has their own favourites when they play.

Battery Life

Arguably the biggest handicap of playing on a mobile is the battery life of your device. Phone manufacturers have made great strides in this area, so it’s not so much an issue if you’ve got an iPhone 13 in your pocket. However, if, like me, your handphone is a few years old, you won’t have the same lasting power. This is particularly evident if you play live casino games, as they tend to drain the battery faster than RNG blackjack or baccarat.

Exclusive Offers

It’s true, a handful of casinos dish out exclusive offers to mobile players. These tend to be operators that have a casino app, which, understandably, they want you to download. If bonuses are important to you, going mobile is certainly a good idea.

Find Word

There are pros and cons to everything, and mobile casinos are no exception. Yet, for most players it’s not an either-or choice, as you can have both. Without a doubt, there are times when a mobile casino is the perfect companion, and other times when a laptop or PC is preferred. For once, you can have your cake and eat it. But, always remember to gamble responsibly by setting a budget that you cannot exceed. Keep it fun, and you’re guaranteed an enjoyable experience.

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