Best accessories for Android gamers

Mobile gaming has accelerated and become one of the most popular activities in recent times, especially over the last year or so when people have been drawn towards it during the pandemic, as they looked for entertainment options while at home. This boom has also been aided by the continued development of mobile games, as they have improved in complexity, graphics and gameplay to almost rival games that are played on gaming consoles or computers. Fans can also play casino games on mobile today, which is another step forward in terms of how popular this pastime has become. Thus, with these developments, having dedicated gaming accessories has become a necessity for mobile gamers who spend any length of time playing games on their phones, and so we have some of the must-have gaming accessories for Android mobile phones here.

Steel Series Stratus Duo controller

SteelSeries is pretty well-known for its gaming peripherals, so it makes sense that its Stratus Duo controller is top-notch. It’s a solid controller that’s comfortable to hold and lasts 20+ hours on its rechargeable battery. While it doesn’t have any mind-blowing features up its sleeve, if you’re on Android, this is the best controller to buy. You can also purchase SteelSeries’ SmartGrip attachment for $10 to dock your phone on the controller as well (supports phones 4 to 6.5 inches tall).

SVIOOG Mobile Game Controller

This is a grip for those mobile gamers who do not want external controllers, but rather just want the phone to be the controller itself. The ergonomic shape makes it more comfortable to hold your phone for long sessions, and the added triggers and bumpers add in some needed functionality. It even has a modest 2,000 mAh battery pack built-in if things get really dire. This grip supports any phone 4 to 6.5 inches tall, which should cover the vast majority of phones today.

RAVPower 2000 mAh portable charger

This compact battery pack from RAVPower packs in an impressive 20,000 mAh charge. With both USB-C and USB-A ports, you’ll be able to charge your phone and just about anything else. And, you can fully recharge this pack in less than three hours. Not much more you can ask for out of a battery pack than that.

Lamicall Adjustable Phone Stand

Holding your phone for long periods of time can get uncomfortable, so take a rest and set it down on this dock from Lamicall. This dock will fit any phone four to eight inches tall, can have its height adjusted to your liking, and folds up into a compact form factor for portability. The rubber padding helps ensure that your phone doesn’t get scratched—or slip out—and you can get it in black or silver.

Flydigi Trigger

When playing mobile shooter games, our index fingers mostly rest at the back of the phone, doing nothing. FlyDigi’s rear triggers use those fingers for firing a gun. As a result, your thumbs are free to move the crosshair without interrupting the gunshots. Unlike the countless spring-loaded triggers out there in the market, this one from FlyDigi is battery powered. For those not in the know, capacitive touchscreens have a uniform electric field, and a change in the electrical field is picked up as a touch input. That’s exactly what this trigger does with impressive precision. The Flydigi Trigger is adjustable and can snap onto any iPhone and Android devices. It is designed to play nice with both the left and right-handed gamers. And of course, you can buy a pair and use one for zooming and the other one for shooting. When not in use, you can detach and slip them into a pocket. With its 50 mAh battery, the trigger can last for up to 80 hours of usage. All in all, it is an ideal entry-level gear for the mobile gamer.

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