Android vs iOS – Which is Better for Gaming?

When it comes to the world of games, there will always be one debate that never seems to leave. No matter what, the question of Apple products versus those from other companies always rages on. It started with desktops and laptops, and has now moved to smartphones for iOS and Android. Which is better for gaming? Let’s take a look.

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The PC vs Mac Debate

All of this starts with the old PC vs Mac debate. Despite Macs being incredibly popular, for a long time it was the PC that ruled the roost in terms of gaming. It was very difficult to find a lot of good games for the Mac.
Even now, some older games or indie releases will only appear on PC, so Mac users will need an emulator if they even want to think about running them. When it comes to this sort of game, the PC does still reign supreme simply for the sheer number of games available to play with. However, things are not quite the same for mobile gaming.

iOS Shows Its Popularity

PCs might be better for playing games, but a shift merged with the introduction of the iPhone. There is no denying that this is one of the most popular models of smartphone and many people choose to buy one over one of the models of Android smartphones.

Due to this, you will find that many developers choose to make apps for both. For example, the Unibet app is available on both iOS and Android so it can reach as wide an audience as is possible. You sometimes even see the inverse of what happens on PC – companies will develop an app for iOS but won’t even think about creating one for Android!

Which is Better for Gaming?

When it comes to gaming through these software platforms, things can often come down to a personal preference. There are more games available on iOS, but Android can offer just as robust an experience.
There is so much development going on in the world of gaming that even if the precise game that you want to try is not available, there will be some sort of clone or reproduction that you can try instead. Though iOS definitely reigns supreme in the world of mobile gaming, there are still plenty of opportunities for Android users to be able to track down the perfect game for them.

No one really picks between iOS and Android in terms of gaming – there are so many other, more important functions that can dictate this decision. However, there is no denying that those who are interested in mobile gaming are going to want to bear each software’s capabilities in mind. Both offer fantastic computing power and the ability to support beautiful games with amazing graphics. For now, iOS has the upper hand in the world of mobile gaming, but Android developers are always working hard to ensure that they are able to close this gap!

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