Games in the Clouds. What Is a Cloud Service and How Does It Make Gamers’ Dreams Come True

Today, for games, both ordinary video games and, for example, for games in such a casino as BetChan, a significant part of humanity uses PCs, consoles, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, so developers annually delight with supernovae, including those that turn the industry upside down.

For the game to be enjoyable, the multimedia device must meet its requirements, and this factor usually resembles an endless race. But one-day cloud services came to the aid of a person playing. What games are worth paying attention to – in the material of our portal.

Syberia 3

Continuation of the legendary adventure by the Belgian artist Benoit Sokal, which tells the story of the fresh adventures of the already familiar Kate Walker. As it becomes clear, after leaving Siberia, the main character falls into a truly deadly trap, finding herself right on a drifting ice floe. True, thanks to the kind people of “Yukols” – Kate survives and, without realizing it, becomes part of a new series of crazy events. Enemies pursue her everywhere, and the Yukols themselves go to accompany the legendary “snow ostriches”. It is in this turmoil that you have to get comfortable this time! In all other respects, we have before us the same “Siberia”, which many have loved so much.

The Elder Scrolls: Online

The Elder Scrolls: Online is a large-scale MMORPG inspired by the legendary fantasy series. Like many other games in the universe of “The Elder Scrolls” – the events take the player to the vastness of the amazing continent called “Tamriel”, where a grandiose war is brewing between the three largest alliances. As you might guess, become a part of one of them.

The famous strategy from the “Best Way” company, which does not need a special introduction, because it has long had an almost cult status among loyal fans of the genre. Get ready to once again take control of a small group of well-trained soldiers and go to the very epicenter of events, where you have to make your own contribution to the cherished victory. Germany, England, or the USSR? Today you have to play for each of these sides!

Men of War: Assault Squad

For those who did not have time to familiarize themselves with this hit, it is worth recalling that “Men of War: Assault Squad”, despite its obvious belonging to the strategy genre, combines a great variety of the most incredible game mechanics, ranging from a simulator ( seasoned with harsh realism and realistic physics) ending with arcade and even role-playing game. Fight on the battlefield, use the entire available arsenal of weapons and military equipment, monitor economic indicators, organize high-quality reconnaissance training, and at any cost, end the war by winning your side. Dedicated to fans of hot military strategies!


Deadpool is a dynamic third-person action game that tells the story of the adventures of a rather dubious superhero (who often appeared on the pages of comics as an antagonist) named Deadpool. An apartment clogged with mud, a corporate mess, old broken furniture, a persistent stench – this is where our adventure begins. It’s time to finally finish eating the last slice of pizza, look sadly toward the half-empty refrigerator, and go on the first task. Mercenary services are in high esteem again!


Saw: The Video Game is the official game based on the popular film series produced by James Wang and Lee Wannell. Like the original picture, the story of the game takes players into another abandoned place, which, this time, is a psychiatric hospital drenched in darkness and blood. In the role of a detective named David Tapp, you have to find out the true reason for your stay within the walls of this place, as well as make a difficult choice – to survive on your own or to give life to others.

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