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Make Some Room for This Puzzler


Originally launched in April 2013 on Google Play, The Room has become an award-winning puzzler from Fireproof Games, an independent game development studio based in Guildford, UK. This Android game offers a refreshing gameplay, stunning visuals, and tricky puzzles for you to solve. It made sure you’re using your brain cells, and when you think you got it all figured out, you might want to think again.

A True Sequel

The sequel, The Room Two, which was released last holiday season, includes much of the original game’s features which made it an addictive puzzler. But the indie team did not stop there. They’ve expanded on the game as you can see with more complicated puzzles, much improved graphics, and enhanced touch screen interface. Basically, The Room Two is a physical puzzle game, full of mystery, that’s being played in a beautiful 3D environment. Your mission is to follow a trail of vague notes and letters from an unknown scientist with an initial of A.S. He’s the guy who came before you and made all the complex puzzles after finding out a classified element called Null.

Think Outside the Box

You start off the game in a dark room with no idea about your identity, where you are locates, and why you are there in the first place. That’s when you dive into the unknown and explore an intricately designed setting. You may notice it immediately as each object in the room is well-polished. Case in point: whenever you look at a simple drawer, you will see a finely crafted handle with all the details you wouldn’t expect. From afar, you might think that it’s just a simple box full of items but when you inspect closely, it’s a rather elegant chest containing wood grains and realistic textures. Simply tap on an object if you want to analyze it or touch on the part of the room where you want to go. Also, same as the previous title, The Room Two utilizes a special lens to find out cryptic messages and objects that may be invisible to the naked eye. There’s a generous hint system as well which gives you clues whenever you encounter a hurdle.

As I’ve mentioned above, the graphics engine has improved, making the environment more immersive with new areas and elements to pore over. Its visual brings the stuff in the room to life. Coupled with a seamless touch control scheme, you will experience a realistic and natural way of interacting with various objects on the screen. Inserting keys, turning door handles, pulling a drawer on a cabinet, rotating tables, etc. are all a breeze.

Spooky Setting

Another factor that makes the game great is its frightening atmosphere. Even though you have some company in your living room while playing the game, its spooky music and soundtrack will let you feel that you’re alone in your room at midnight. As far as the longevity is concerned, you can probably finish the game in several hours (same as that of the first installment), depending on your skills. Some may say that it’s easier than its predecessor but it can vary from different users. In my experience, out of all the six chapters, I only encountered much of a roadblock in the last part.


If you enjoyed the original, you will love The Room Two even more – a worthy heir to the predecessor’s throne. Fireproof Games has kept the core gameplay intact with improvements on almost every facet of the game. This Android game comes highly recommended especially if you want to try something different.

4.4 / 5


You will not regret making some room for The Room Two in your puzzle games library. tweet

Patrick Garde · Feb 25, 2014

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Amazing game!

I'm a great fan of Room so i was a bit sceptical about sequel. After installing The Room Two i started playing and just can't stop it. Amazing atmosphere, great graphics and clever puzzles. Just…

Posted by brainac 10 years ago

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