6 Android Games Students Find Most Exciting

With the development of technology, education has come to the attention of game developers. It isn’t uncommon to find an interactive geometry textbook or the periodic table, an application for studying algebra, or a geographic game. Let’s look at some of the preferred apps for students.

Snapshots of the Universe

Although Stephen Hawking is dead, he launched an exciting project for all those interested in studying physics and astronomy. He created Snapshots of the Universe in close partnership with Random House for iOS devices. This game includes 8 experiments that allow users to master the basics of physics. Even students who hate this high school subject will enjoy sending rockets into outer space and searching and studying black holes.

The best thing is that you can conduct any of these activities countlessly – there are no specific limits. Users can modify default physical parameters and explore the emerging effects. You might have to discuss the outcomes of the experiments in your research paper. You can go to the interpretation of the results and then use some writing services. The app is available on iTunes, and it costs only $4.99.

Millionaire 2020

This intellectual game is constantly updating its database of questions. Initially, the quiz appeared thanks to the TV show. The main goal is to become a millionaire, even if only virtual.
Millionaire 2020 pleases players with a simple and familiar design, many exciting questions, and the already legendary loss that ends almost every game.


QuizzLand is a cute and entertaining intelligence quiz where participants have to answer many questions, testing their capabilities and IQ level.
The game consists of constantly increasing levels of difficulty, so answering questions does not get boring. There is always something to learn and something to remember.

Trivia Crack

The popular intellectual game Trivia Crack has acquired many sequels, but the original release is still popular and attracts brain warriors worldwide.

Trivia Crack has a constantly updated database of questions from the creators, but you can ask your own questions if you wish. For more engagement and gamification, a collection of cards, an online chat, and an achievement system are available.

Trivia Crack is famous for its bright cartoon design, convenient menu, playful tiny animated figures, and a classic circle of questions.

The 94% Intellect Quiz offers participants a variety of gameplay. The game’s main goal is to give 94% correct answers to questions that have already been answered by other participants.

Chess by Al Factory Limited

We can call it fairly the best chess game out there. This application is the top idea if you want to play with your buddies during the breaks or on weekends. Chess is an intellectual sports game that develops every part of the human brain. This particular app ranks high in the category of multiplayer titles.

The rules are the same as in classical chess. We cannot say that the game is rather colorful, but it offers a cool UI, various modes, and smooth controls. If you do not wish to spend any money, you can first install and try a free mode. The game also includes an upgraded version. In the pro mode, ads are absent.

Pool Break Pro 3D Billiards

Here is another all-time favorite. You and your friends do not have to go out during COVID-19 to play some billiard. Pool Break Pro 3D is right what you need while social distancing matters. It possesses perfect graphical design, a great variety of modes (you can play alone, one-on-one, or in pairs.

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