Why a Good Crypto and Blockchain Must be Android Compatible

This article shows and explains why any good cryptocurrency must be able to be traded and used primarily on Android. Yes, there is a huge debate as to the interoperability of crypto and the blockchain tech, but one thing is sure, and that is that crypto and blockchain work better on Android. Let’s see why.

What is Android compatible software

In the past, it was advised and considered safer to trade and interact with your cryptocurrency using your desktop or PC. The idea was that these devices would be safer and prevent fraud better than your mobile device. This is no longer the case, and the main reason for this is that crypto developers and Blockchain open source software are actually designed to be used on Android.

Why open source blockchain works so well on Android

The reason that blockchain works well on Android applications and software is, as aforementioned, that it was actually made to do so. However, keep in mind that it was also created to run on IOS, but it has been proven that transactions are faster on Android driven apps.

Why you need a crypto trading app

The blockchain or crypto that you use will need to be accessed in some way, and the main way to do so is through an app—either a trading app or a database app that allows you to access the blockchain. The apps have generally been Android based as this is the main hardware and tech used as a whole, and thus the developers have pandied to the majority.

Finding the best app for you

Rather than simply popping into the Google Play store or the app store and downloading any android app to use to access your crypto and use the blockchain tech that it comes with, you need to do a full analysis as to what is available and what you can do with the app before you download it and use it. has some great example guides and will share with you how the cryptos and blockchain tech will work and what you need to access their platform.

Ensure that you read reviews from those who have used the app and also look to determine the levels of security before you look to access and interact with crypto and the information in your blockchain. Test the app and get to know it before you start making real money or currency transactions.

The android is a form of device that arguably supports open-source software much better than any other operating system and hardware device. It is also the most widely used type of smart mobile device in the world. It is thus a no brainer that any crypto app or blockchain technology must be made for mobile and android mobile at that. In fact, it is worth noting, in conclusion, that the next iteration of the android device is going to be the blockchain Android phone.

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