Amazing X-Box Games for Girls

Girls today grow up playing ace pokies online pokies games on their phones and tablets. What they don’t know is that game consoles offer an even deeper experience than apps. Are you ready for some retro action? Here are some of the best Xbox games for girls.


Become a woman in Grand Theft Auto in this game for women! Take on missions, complete challenges, and buy cars, houses, and anything else you can think of in this open-world simulation. You can do pretty much anything in this game, but there’s a lot that male players can do too.

The Sims 4

Creating your own Sims or creating one from scratch is up to you! Then take care of them by ensuring they eat well, have fun, see their friends, and more.

Tomb raider

This brand-new Tomb Raider takes Lara Croft back to her roots. With what she now knows and the addition of her new skills and abilities, Lara must use her wits to overcome obstacles and find clues as to why she was captured. The game is suitable for girls because Croft is the heroine of the story.

Fallout shelter.

Fallout Shelter is one of the best free games for girls click here for games for 18 years and over. This is another open-world game in which players build shelters for themselves and their inhabitants while managing resources such as food and energy.

Ori and the Will of the Wisp

Furthermore, This game was developed by Press Play Studios, who made Child of Light, so we’re sure it will be good. Ori is an orphan girl raised by her uncle from her birth. She lives in a peaceful village where she meets other beings called Ori who help her find food and water.

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III is the third instalment of the epic role-playing action game series Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts III tells the story of Sora, a 15-year-old teenager. He fights darkness with powerful weapons.

In conclusion, these are the best X-box games for girls to play on their consoles. Most of these games aren’t that expensive, so don’t mind spending your money on something you love instead of buying yourself clothes.

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