Toy Defense 3 Fantasy Cover

news · 3 years ago

Toy Defense 3: Fantasy is a Gorgeous TDS That Pits You Against Fantastical Creatures

Indie developers Melesta Games have released the third installment of their popular MMORPG franchise Toy Defense.

Tiki Monkeys Cover

news · 3 years ago

Monkeys Can Never Be Trusted; Tiki Monkeys

Tiki Monkeys is a game where pirates are good and monkeys are bad. Crazy right?

TowerMadness 2 (Cover)

news · 3 years ago

Ready For a Wild Time? TowerMadness 2 Out!

If you were a fan of the beloved tower defense game by Limbic then get ready to rejoice as Towermadness 2 is out now!

Zombie Commando 2014 Cover

news · 3 years ago

Try Your Hand at Zombie Commando 2014; Can You Survive?

Like tower defense games? Like action games? What about a more action packed tower defense game featuring zombies?

Galaxy Factions Cover

news · 3 years ago

New Sci-fi Combat Strategy Game Galaxy Factions Lands on the Play Store

Living in outer space is becoming a trending topic these days.

Commanager Cover

news · 3 years ago

Build Up Your Commercial Empire With Commanager

There is always room for more business simulation games.

M.A.C.E. Tower Defense Cover

news · 3 years ago

Get Ready For Another Tower Defense Game; M.A.C.E. Tower Defense

If there is one genre that I will never get bored with it has to be tower defense games.

Myth Defense 2 DF Cover

news · 3 years ago

The Myth is Back; Myth Defense 2: Dark Forces On Google Play

Myth Defense 2: Dark Forces is shaping up to be better than its predecessor and a great tower defense game all around.

Amoebattle Cover

news · 3 years ago

Grab Games’ Amoebattle Brings Microbial RTS Action to Android

Amoebattle puts you in charge of a group of amoebas who find that their peaceful microbiological world is threatened by an infection.

Toy Defense 2 Xmas Edition Cover

news · 3 years ago

Have A Christmas Gift: Toy Defense 2 Xmas Edition

So I guess if you haven’t played Toy Defense 2 then with Toy Defense 2 Xmas Edition you get to play two worlds of the game which comes to be about 100 levels or so.

Tiny Defense Cover

news · 3 years ago

Mini Toys Go Berserk in Ra87Game’s TDS Game Tiny Defense

Tower defense games are one of the most entertaining genre of games on the Play Store and Ra87Game’s contribution to that genre comes in the form of Tiny Defense.

Monsterama Planet Christmas Cover

news · 3 years ago

Christmas Comes to Monsterama Planet; Monsterama Planet Christmas Released

Who would have thought it but it is snowing full blast on Monsterama planet.

TowerMadness Cover

news · 3 years ago

TowerMadness Mania Grips the Play Store

The tower defense strategy game that’s been delighting iOS fans ever since it was launched in 2009 has finally arrived on Android.

Farm Fest Cover

news · 3 years ago

Have A Blast On The Farm in Farm Fest

In Farm Fest you take on the role of a farmer who literally has to do everything.

minecraft pocket edition update Cover

news · 3 years ago

Minecraft Pocket Edition Gets Biggest Update So Far

Minecraft is easily one of the most popular video games in recent times and you can play it on PC and mobile if you’re so inclined.

Plants vs Zombies 2 Cover

news · 3 years ago

EA Transforms Plants vs. Zombies 2 with Latest Update

The Plants vs. Zombies that you’ve been enjoying since it was released has undergone a dramatic transformation in its latest update.

Greed For Glory Winter Wars Cover

news · 3 years ago

PerBlue’s City Building Game Greed for Glory Gets a Seasonal Chapter called Winter Wars

PerBlue’s medieval city building game Greed for Glory has just gotten a seasonal release called Winter Wars.

Scotchy Scotch Toss Cover

news · 3 years ago

Clash of Clans Gets In the Christmas Spirit

In terms of the Christmas themed update, the main addition is a Santa Strike limited edition defense move.

Warlords RTS Strategy Game Cover

news · 3 years ago

Armor Games Brings Warlords RTS: Strategy Game; Out Now

In Warlords RTS: Strategy Game, you build up an army which is led by your Warlord.

RAVENMARK Mercenaries Cover

news · 3 years ago

Build Up Your Mercenary Army In RAVENMARK: Mercenaries

RAVENMARK: Mercenaries is a tactical turn-based strategy game but it has some tricks up its sleeve.

Happy Mall Story Cover

news · 3 years ago

Fancy a Trip to the Mall? Check out Happy Mall Story from Happy Labs

Whether its Christmas, Valentines, your birthday, or just a bad day, a trip to the mall will make everything right.

Adventure Town Cover

news · 3 years ago

Adventure Town, a City Building Game with an RPG Twist Hits Android

Adventure town promises to keep you engaged for hours with plenty of exploratory activities, monster slashing campaigns, battles against epic bosses and other quests and challenges.

Fight Fight Zombanite Cover

review · 3 years ago

Fight Fight Zombanite! - Full Zombie Apocalypse Package

The zombie sub-genre of all forms of media, especially in video games, is here to stay and I am fine with that.


review · 3 years ago

Farming Simulator 14 - All Work and No Play

Games are a great source of entertainment, giving us the opportunity to slip into a magical world where we can swordfight, eat fireballs, or even sprout fairy wings.

Runes of War Cover

news · 3 years ago

Runes of War Brings Dragons and Darkness to Android. Get Ready for Epic Battles.

Runes of War will test your strategic skills to the hilt.

Marvel Avengers Alliance (Cover)

review · 3 years ago

Avengers Alliance - The “Ehh” Team

Psst. Hey, kid. Wanna be a superhero? Marvel: Avengers Alliance has long been a popular game choice for aspiring defenders of justice who maybe aren’t so keen about moving from their armchair and facing off against evil on cold, rainy days.

Zombie Tycoon 2 Cover

news · 3 years ago

NVIDIA SHIELD Exclusive Zombie Tycoon 2 Hits the Play Store for $9.99

In Zombie Tycoon 2, there are no heroes; just two different groups of zombies who are pitted against each other.

Hay Day

news · 3 years ago

‘Tis the Season for Farming as Supercell Brings Hay Day to Android

The game’s simple gesture controls make farming on this game a breeze.


news · 3 years ago

Avengers Alliance Brings More Marvel Action

Like in Marvel Puzzle Quest you’ll find yourself being able to recruit all sorts of heroes in Avengers Alliance such as Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron Man and more.

Fight Fight Zombanite Cover

news · 3 years ago

Fight Fight Zombanite! Stop The Zombie Horde!

Fight Fight Zombanite! has over 50 levels covering six different mission types.

Farming Simulator 14 Cover

news · 3 years ago

Fulfill Your Agricultural Dreams with the Brand New Release Farming Simulator 14

Farming Simulator 14 now features a brand new look with realistic 3D graphics that will entice you to discover the beautiful world of farming.

Greed for Glory Dragon Cities (Cover)

news · 3 years ago

For Glory! Greed For Glory: Dragon Cities Out Now!

The recent trend for mobile gaming is massive multiplayer RTS style city builders where you can build up your forces and attack others.

Anomaly 2 Cover

news · 3 years ago

Chillingo Unleashes Anomaly 2 with Reverse TDS and Other Exciting Features

In Anomaly 2 you can employ a new strategy by morphing your troops into war mechs and make use of the special abilities of each mech to overcome difficulties in combats.

Pocket Harvest Cover

review · 3 years ago

Pocket Harvest - Rehashed and Refarmed

We all enjoy strolling through a farmers’ market/supermarket shopping for our favorite vegetables and groceries, but have probably never spared a thought for the farmers who have worked hard to provide us with those gorgeous and healthy fruits and veggies.

Romans from Mars (Cover)

review · 3 years ago

Romans from Mars - Defend Earth from the Attacking Martians

Romans from Mars is a free-to-play game claiming to offer premium level fun, for low up-front costs.

Star Command (Cover)

review · 3 years ago

Star Command - Begin Evasive Maneuvers

Star Command’s pre-launch history is far from sterling. Funded in part through a successful Kickstarter campaign, the game missed several projected releases before hitting the iOS App Store in May of this year…

Mech Conquest Cover

news · 3 years ago

Mech Conquest Allows You To Build Your Ultimate Army

Part of the fun in Mech Conquest is building your mechs, sending them into battle and watching the end result…all from the comfort of your bed!

Pocket Harvest Cover

news · 3 years ago

Kairosoft’s Pocket Harvest Dares You to Build a Farm and Turn it into Something More

One of the main reasons you’ll be planting and harvesting crops is that you can compete with other farms to get the local grocers to order your produce.

Strategy & TacticsUSSR vs USA Cover

news · 3 years ago

Explore Alternative History in Strategy & Tactics: USSR vs USA

The overreaching story behind Strategy & Tactics: USSR vs USA is that a nuclear attack on Beijing set off a tangent of attacks on the US.

AERENA Alpha Cover

news · 3 years ago

Join the Fight Early and Send Feedback in AERENA Alpha

With AERENA Alpha you’re getting an early look at the full version which while it doesn’t have all the planned features, it does have enough to provide some good gameplay.

Clash of Clans Cover

review · 3 years ago

Clash of Clans - Looting and Plundering Realms and Your Pocket

Clash of Clans (CoC) may go down in history as a game with brilliant online RTS elements, but it will also be equally remembered as one that subconsciously sneaked into your psyche and entrapped you in its IAP bait.

Kingdom Tactics Cover

news · 3 years ago

Reclaim the Lost Throne in New Game, Kingdom Tactics

In Kingdom Tactics you’ll be joining in on battles to reclaim the lost throne by assembling a huge army comprised of heroes, dragons and more.

Mechs vs Aliens Cover

news · 3 years ago

Another Battle for the Ages with Mechs vs Aliens

Mecs Vs Aliens is a free turn based fighting game where you’ll have a variety of mech suits at your disposal to dispose of your alien counterparts.

Plants vs Zombies 2 (Cover)

review · 3 years ago

Plants vs Zombies 2 - Twice as Addictive

It’s been a painful wait for Android fans of one of the most popular tower defense games.

Humble Bundle

news · 3 years ago

Pay What You Like, Humble Bundle 7 is Here with Another Awesome Deal

If you’ve been sitting with your Android device, pretty bored with what’s going on, this piece of news should brighten up your day.

Westbound (Cover)

review · 3 years ago

Westbound - Go West, At Least For a Little While

The United States of America is a land of diverse climes.

Star Wars Tiny Death Star Cover

news · 3 years ago

Nimblebit’s Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Already Out!

If you didn’t catch the announcement and are wondering what exactly Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is…well, think of Tiny Tower but Star Wars themed.

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