Try Your Hand at Zombie Commando 2014; Can You Survive?

Like tower defense games? Like action games? What about a more action packed tower defense game featuring zombies? Zombie Commando 2014 is exactly that and a game that you should add to your downloadable collection. In Zombie Commando 2014 you play as, you guessed it, a commando fighting off hordes of zombies that are now attacking the United States and the world.

Gameplay of Zombie Commando 2014 actually plays more like the set up of Plants Vs. Zombies but is still extremely fun and well balanced. There is a variety of weapons/guns to choose from and upgrade as well as defensive items and special items.  Graphics are pretty good in zombie Commando 2014 and features a lot of cool effects to razzle and dazzle you. So if you like action based games or tower defense games then check out Zombie Commando 2014 for free today.

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