Build Up Your Commercial Empire With Commanager

There is always room for more business simulation games. People eat them up and while they aren’t for everyone they certainly are a lot of fun for those of us who enjoy them. Commanager by Skyjaz Games is the latest sim game to hit Google Play. In Commanager you’ll have to build up your shops, bring different services, hire/fire people and stock all your stores.

Pretty much every aspect of owning stores you can do in Commanager which is nice. Again this gives the player the experience of having their own stores, hire, fire , replenish stock and a lot more. You have over 40 different types of stores you can manage and there are tons of missions to help you gain sales and just generally challenge yourself. In addition, you will have to deal with burglaries, fire and protests. Graphics are a mixture of a nice clean almost minimalistic interface with nice actual graphics for the stores and other surroundings. You can pick up Commanger for $0.99 on Google Play today!

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Nothing Special

I love simulation games but Commanager is fairly generic..I like the more minimalistic look to it but it really brings nothing special to the genre overall.

Posted by Terri 10 years ago

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