Fiz: Brewery Management Game Comes to Android. Makes You the Boss of All That Good Beer

Every good day ends with a big mug of beer. And who knows, maybe great ideas are born from having a pint or two. Bit by Bit Studios appear to have taken their love for beer to another level by releasing a fine looking game called Fiz: Brewery Management Game.

The title is a dead giveaway on what you can expect from the game. Take your humble establishment from an unknown entity to the best brewery in the world. Brewing the best beer may sound like a dream job; after all you will get to eat, sleep, and drink beer, but it comes with its share of hardships too. You’ve got to hire employees, discover the best recipes, research markets and attend beer festivals to gauge the preferences of beer lovers, and above all else, deal with beer-thirsty customers and dangerous rivals.

Of course, when you’ve brewed that perfect mug, the coins will come pouring in, more than enough to give your establishment a much needed upgrade. This brewery management game comes with plenty of tasks to keep you engaged for hours including  encouraging your participation in over 60 different events and competitions.

If you love being around anything that’s remotely connected with beer, you’ll be at home with Fiz. That aside, you may still enjoy this SIM for its interesting storyline, deep gameplay, wit and character.

Fiz: Brewery Management Game is available on the Play Store for a special launch price of $1.99.

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As a lover of simulation games and beer, Fiz is the perfect game for me. Well worth the price as you'll have loads of content at your disposal and plenty of fun to be had.

Posted by Fizz 10 years ago

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