Armor Games Brings Warlords RTS: Strategy Game; Out Now

Armor Games was once just an online site for browser gaming but recently has embraced the mobile gaming culture. They have ported over some of their better known flash game series like Infectonator and have started to published mobile games first and then bring them online. The latest game of theirs to hit Google Play markets is called Warlords RTS: Strategy Game. As the name heavily implies, it is a real time strategy game with a fantasy setting filled with all sorts of magic.

In Warlords RTS: Strategy Game, you build up an army which is led by your Warlord. Of which you can upgrade and boost their abilities with various magical items.There is a whole host of characters you can use on your team as well as enemies you’ll have to fight. Levels are fairly sprawling with nice graphics. The magical abilities and magic scrolls really come in handy in Warlords RTS: Strategy Game and really mean the difference between a win and a loss. There is hours of fun here and Armor Games has a great reputation of only publishing quality games. You can get Warlords RTS: Strategy Game for $2.99 on Google Play today.

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