Have A Blast On The Farm in Farm Fest

Farming games have always been popular. Just think of the Farmville craze and recently Supercell’s Hayday. So there is definitely room for more farm themed games with a twist. Herocraft has just published a new game called Farm Fest which is a farm themed game combining puzzles and management styles.

In Farm Fest you take on the role of a farmer who literally has to do everything. Feed your animals, gather the produce, process your products and then sell all your products on the market. Farm Fest is not just one big management game like Farmville and co. but rather a level based puzzle game. In fact there are over 80 levels of farm loving action in Farm Fest. Each of these levels has a different goal to reach. This could be gather a certain amount of eggs or another product or building something. The faster you complete this the better your score. Each level also has multiple challenges for you to try and complete. Farm Fest is a totally cute game fun for all ages. It looks like a kids game but the puzzles are suitable for anyone. If you want to try your hand at a new type of farming game check out Farm Fest.


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