Astro Golf Cover

news · 2 days ago

Astro Golf Will Have You Putting Your Greens in Outer Space

Do you like playing mini golf on your Android? You do! Then how about putting your greens in outer space, against robots? That’s what you’ll get in Bolder Games’ Astro Golf.

One For Eleven Cover

news · 2 weeks ago

One for Eleven Brings Football Management Goodness

Aside from the typical actual action based football games, management games are a pretty big genre as well. However, One For Eleven by Actoz Soft is a new one to the genre but don’t worry as it is a great one.

Ace Fishing Wild Catch Cover

news · 2 weeks ago

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Makes Fishing Look Easy

Whether you like fishing or not Com2Us’ latest game, Ace Fishing: Wild Catch, is still worth checking out.

NBA 2K14 Cover

review · 2 weeks ago

NBA 2K14 - Basketball Game Barely Hits the Rim

With the NBA playoffs just around the corner, there is no better time to play NBA 2K14 on your Android.

Ping Pong Masters Cover

news · 2 weeks ago

Put Your Skills to the Test in Ping Pong Masters

Think you’re good at video game ping pong? If so then check out Ping Pong Masters by Clapfoot to see if you really are a pro.

NBA 2K14 (2)

news · 4 weeks ago

NBA 2K14 Finally Comes to Google Play

Now, after an extremely long wait NBA 2K14 has arrived on the Google Play store for Android.

Flick Tennis Cover

news · 4 weeks ago

Play Tennis with a Swipe of your Fingers in Flick Tennis

If you’re a big fan of sports games, especially ones that let you simply flick a finger to shoot a basket, hit a birdie, or smash an ace, here’s one for your pocket.


news · 1 month ago

Play Soccer with a Legend in Cristiano Ronaldo Footy!

If football (soccer) is a religion, Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly one its archangels.

Dungeons & Golf World Cover

news · 2 months ago

Play Golf in Armored Bikinis in Mobblo’s Dungeons & Golf

There are golfing games out there, and then there is Dungeons & Golf.

Basketball Kings (Cover)

news · 2 months ago

Get Your Slam Dunkin Fix on Android with MobileCraft’s Basketball Kings

Basketball fans with an Android device are in for a happy treat as MobileCraft’s latest game is all about showing off your basketball skills to the world.

Patrick Kane's Winter Games (Cover)

news · 2 months ago

Ready For Some Hockey? Check Out Patrick Kane’s Winter Games

With the Winter Olympics still raging on there is bound to be video games made dealing with the winter sports and the players.

Real Table Tennis Cover

news · 2 months ago

Just Like Real Life; Real Table Tennis

Who wants to play sports in real life? No one is who! It is the present age and that means we can play any sport we want as a video game.

Athletics Winter Sports Cover

news · 3 months ago

Join The Winter Olympics In Athletics: Winter Sports

With the 2014 Winter Olympics just around the corner people are getting pumped up!

One Button Sports Cover

news · 3 months ago

Play Two Games with Just a Single Button in Namco Bandai’s One Button Sports

Want to play tennis and turbo skiing at the press of a button. Well, Namco Bandai has you covered with their latest game called One Button Sports.

Myth Defense 2 DF Cover

news · 3 months ago

Time To Ski with FRS Ski Cross

It is winter time and you know what that means! Snow and all other wintery things dealing with snow.

Title Bout Boxing 2013 Cover

news · 4 months ago

Boxing Sim Game Title Bout Championship Boxing 2013 Out Now!

The game actually already launched on PC back in June 2013 but now it has made its way finally to mobile devices both for Android and iOS.

Super Stickman Golf 2 Big

news · 4 months ago

Super Stickman Golf 2 Gets Fresh Updates with Emphasis on Multiplayer Features

If you’ve grown tired of playing Super Stickman Golf 2 for the last 12 months or so, here’s an update boost that will nudge you to pick up from where you left off.

Golf Championship Cover

news · 4 months ago

Ring up Your Caddie, Its Time for Some Teeing in Golf Championship

If you enjoy a game of golf on your Android device, check out CanadaDroid’s latest golfing game called Golf Championship.

Skateboard Party 2 (Cover)

news · 4 months ago

It’s A Party; A Skateboard Party 2

If you like to skate there are tons of video games out there to satisfy your virtual skateboarding craving.

Mini Golf MatchUp Seasons Cover

news · 4 months ago

Mini Golf MatchUp Goes Festive With Mini Golf MatchUp Seasons

Mini Golf MatchUp Seasons is actually the same game as before but with the more festive graphical theme to it all but coming next week is a whole new holiday course.

Ski Challenge 14 Cover

news · 5 months ago

Ski Challenge 14 Brings Winter To You

There are seven different slopes/tracks at your disposal in Ski Challenge 14 from locales such as Wengen, Kitzbühel, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Sochi. Franchise MVP Cover

news · 5 months ago

Rise Through the Ranks in Franchise MVP Franchise MVP is the only mobile Android game with 120 real teams.


review · 5 months ago

Ridiculous Fishing - Reel-diculous

“Ridiculous Fishing” is a name well-earned by this initially unsuspecting game.

Flick Kick Football Legends Cover

news · 5 months ago

Flick Kick Football Series Expands With Flick Kick Football Legends

The Flick Kick Football series by PIKPOK is one of the best precision skill football (soccer for us Americans) game out there.

Ridiculous Fishing Cover

news · 5 months ago

Catch the Rarest Fish in Vlambeer’s Pixel Art Adventure Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing has been voted one of the best Indie games and has received rave reviews on the iOS platform as well.

Football Manager Handheld 2014 Cover

news · 5 months ago

Do You Have What It Takes To Manage Your Own Club? Football Manager Handheld 2014 Out Now

Football Manager Handheld 2014, this time around, changes up things a little bit for the better.

Soccer Moves (Cover)

news · 6 months ago

Become the Ultimate Soccer Hero With New Game Soccer Moves

Most soccer games (or football for you non-Americans) focus mostly on the pure action.

Real Steel Robot Boxing (Cover)

review · 6 months ago

Real Steel World Robot Boxing - Rock ‘em Sock ‘em

As a kid I’m sure you played or at least were envious of someone who had the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.

Vampire Volleyball Cover

news · 6 months ago

Retro64 Games Serves Up Some Vampire Volleyball Just in Time for Halloween

You will be taking on the role of a male or female vampire and battling against 8 unique vampires who come with some special crazy moves including kung-fu kicking, volleyball blowing and head expanding butting.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Cover

news · 6 months ago

Reliance Games Launches Steel World Robot Boxing on Android

Real Steel World Robot Boxing took over 13 months to develop at a cost of over 1 million and features stunning graphics and much improved gameplay than its predecessor.

Champ Man Cover

news · 6 months ago

Champ Man Now For Android And Is Updated

Think you’re good at football? Maybe so but how good at you at managing football teams?

Madden 25 Cover

review · 7 months ago

MADDEN NFL 25 - Toss The Pig Skin with Madden NFL 25

Following the freemium business model, Madden 25 is free to download and play with the option to purchase in-game extras later.


review · 7 months ago

FIFA 14 - Hits the Goal

It has been 15 years since I first played FIFA. On my raggedy old Windows desktop, the beautiful game sprang to life.

FIFA14 (Cover)

news · 7 months ago

Get Ready for Some Football; FIFA 14 Is Out!

Over here at AndroidShock we’ve been keeping you all updated on the latest FIFA 14 news as it comes out, now it is my pleasure to announce that FIFA 14 is finally out now on Google Play.


news · 7 months ago

Football Season Is Here and So Is Madden NFL 25

In America football season has started so you’ll now find sports bars full of people watching the game and water cooler talk is all about who beat who last night.


review · 8 months ago

Flick Kick Field Goal 2014 - Not Just for Kicks

Pik Pok’s latest title isn’t the first attempt at a field goal-based game, nor is the gameplay something new and innovative.

Flick Kick Field Goal 2014 (cover)

news · 8 months ago

Punt Your Way to Victory in Flick Kick Field Goal 2014

Just released on Google Play is PIKPOK’s newest football (American) game, Flick Kick Field Goal 2014 which is a sequel or at least the next edition from Flick Kick Field Goal back in 2010.

Fifa 14 Cover

news · 8 months ago

FIFA 14 to Be Free-to-Play on Android

EA’s latest FIFA game, FIFA 14, is quickly approaching release on all platforms including Android.


news · 9 months ago

FIFA 14 Now With Better…Everything!

Dust off your old cleats and get back on the AstroTurf field because the ever popular sports game FIFA is back with FIFA 14 and EA is bring it for all devices including Android!

Boom Boom Hamster Golf Cover

news · 9 months ago

Hamsters Can Fly – Boom Boom Hamster Golf

Tired of playing regular gold both in real life and in game?

True Skate Cover

review · 9 months ago

True Skate - A Skatepark in Your Pocket

If you’re like me at one point in your life you thought it would be cool to learn how to skateboard.

True Skate Cover

news · 9 months ago

Realistic Skateboarding Game True Skate Tailslides on to the Play Store

True Axis, makers of Jet Car Stunts have unleashed their latest sports game on to the Play Store, and this one’s for all skateboarding junkies.

MLBcom Home Run Derby  Cover

review · 9 months ago Home Run Derby - MLB’s Grand Salami

Major League Baseball fans and video game enthusiasts can rejoice as the MLB in conjunction with MLBPA has created the perfect game for you all.

MLB Home Run Derby

news · 9 months ago

MLB’s Home Run Derby Comes Smashing into Stores

Time to polish your baseball bat, dust off your old jersey and put on your helmet as it is time to hit some home runs!


review · 10 months ago

Skiing Fred - Ski For Your Life

Fred, the very unlucky protagonist from CreepyChunk Games series, is at it again but this time he has taken to skiing…perhaps it is less dangerous.

Ice Rage Cover

review · 1 year ago

Ice Rage - High Sticking Encouraged

Ice Rage is proof positive that arcade-style sports games are a whole lot more fun when you can hit your opponent.

Mini Golf MatchUp Cover

review · 1 year ago

Mini Golf MatchUp - Put With Friends

Since the popularity of turn-based, network games like Draw Something and Words With Friends, I’ve always found games like these bring out the competitive side of me.

Real Soccer 2013 Cover

review · 1 year ago

Real Soccer 2013 - Not As Real As You’d Expect

Usually when Americans think of sports, they think football, baseball, or basketball.

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