Get Ready to Blood Bowl in a Warhammer Universe on your Android

Don’t get me wrong, American football is great, but another game based on our big strong and sometimes narcissistic superstars is so lame. So how about replacing them with characters we enjoy seeing  in our daily mobile grind, you know…orcs, dwarfs, elves and such who can throw up some kick-ass skills to draw blood upon the opposing team. Wouldn’t that be great! Of course it would. That’s why we have a game called Blood Bowl on Google Play and for those who did not get to play the PC version of the game, this one’s yours for the taking.

In Blood Bowl, you have your team of 11 players and the battles are turn based actions that happen on a board. You make use of the roll of a dice, cards, and counters to score more than the opposing team and just like the real game, you can take aim on the opposition players to main them to make your scoring easier. Since each of the characters are fantasy races, you can use each of their specific abilities to go one up on the opposition.

The game offers a Solo Player mode for light battles as well as Campaign mode where you must inch your way to victory by playing progressively. There’s also a local multiplayer option that lets you compete with your friends in the Hotseat mode, or you could go cross platform and challenge players and teams from around in the world in a permanent league.

Blood Bowl is a pricey game at $4.99 and you’ll have to spend more via IAPs to unlock other races. Also, this is a tablet exclusive game so if you got the device and the dough, you know where to go!

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