news · 10 years ago

Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Makes Fishing Look Easy

Whether you like fishing or not Com2Us’ latest game, Ace Fishing: Wild Catch, is still worth checking out.

news · 10 years ago

Knights N Squires Provides a Nonstop Thrill Ride

Com2Us is always popping out games they publish, the latest being Knights N Squires.

news · 10 years ago

WIZCRAFT Brings Familiar Concepts To Whole New Levels

When one game or genre becomes popular expect hundreds of other games to come out with similar or identical concepts.

news · 11 years ago

Reclaim the Lost Throne in New Game, Kingdom Tactics

In Kingdom Tactics you’ll be joining in on battles to reclaim the lost throne by assembling a huge army comprised of heroes, dragons and more.

news · 11 years ago

Get Ready to Save the World. RPG Heroes War Storms into the Play Store

Korean game developers Com2Us have just released their heroic multiplayer RPG Heroes War on to the Play Store.

review · 11 years ago

Tiny Pop - A Bubbly, Cute Shootin’ And Poppin’ Time

Cute puzzle games are generally viewed as something that’s great for kids, but not so much for adults — but games like Candy Crush Saga proves this isn’t always the case.

review · 11 years ago

Brave Heroes - Go Right, Hit Stuff, Profit

Okay, so you’re a wizard or knight or something in some weird medieval US football universe.

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