One for Eleven Brings Football Management Goodness

Football (soccer for us Americans) is the world’s most popular sport and as such you are going to get a lot of video games based on it. Aside from the typical actual action based football games, management games are a pretty big genre as well. So much that there are quite a bit out there. However, One For Eleven by Actoz Soft is a new one to the genre but don’t worry as it is a great one.

As in typical football management fashion One For Eleven allows you to recruit real football players, create your own team and compete against one another in PvP games. You can also play in different leagues such as the Regular League, Champions League, FA Cup, and World Nations Cup. One For Eleven has up to date real life information and you can recruit players taking into consideration 30 main abilities, 50 detailed skills, and 26 positions. In general, One For Eleven has room for a lot of freedom in terms of substitutions, formation and more. Other interesting aspects One For Eleven brings to the table are a real scouting system where you can recruit your players through tryouts, trading and more. The other big aspect is playing against your friends to see who has the better team. Get One For Eleven now for free on Google Play.

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